Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska - Tricia Goyer, Ocieanna Fleiss Title: Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska
Author: Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss
Pages: 320
Year: 2013
Publisher: Summerside Press
Every once in awhile a novel comes along that just is beyond describing to readers; this is one of them. It is in a positive way that I mean it is hard to know what to share and how to share what this tale speaks about. One reason it is hard is because it is more than a love story; in a way it is a mystery but unlike the regular mysteries that readers purchase.
The other characteristic about this novel is the way it mirrors, in many ways, the real world we all live in. All of us face trials, want to be loved, need to walk through the hurts of our past, and grow in our faith. The content also causes the reader to understand that God has a perfect plan that He brings to completion though the way He does it may not resemble anything like we expect it to.
Within the pages of this tale are two women who are searching for a love that will not abandon them. People in their lives have loved them and tried to accept them even though at times the women held others at arm’s length in order to protect themselves from being hurt all over again. The tenacity of those who longed to love these women from two separate time frames brought the reality of God’s love to bear on their lives. Two women, who now had to choose to surrender all to the Lord, allow Him to love them regardless of what others did in their lives. The wisdom one woman learned was from the writings gathered and left behind for a future generation.
I think this story was written very uniquely as past and present were intermingled throughout the pages. Faith lived out through others and choices made based on that faith touched more hearts than could be seen with a view towards the future. However, understanding comes when all the pieces of the puzzle, when put together, show the faithfulness of God.
The differences in the story were not just one woman from the past and another from the present. It is also a tale that shows the history of a community that still exists and the vast gulf between the small knit community compared to life in the fast lane and no community. One woman is a rising star in the music industry who constantly feels the pressure to prove her value when living in California. When she goes to locate her former fiancée in a remote part of Alaska, there no longer exists the pressure to prove worth.
Where does our value, worth, and strength really come from? Do our lives matter for what they can give or simply because we are made in the image of God and because He loves us? I can’t recommend sitting back and reading this novel enough. It was easy to read but very thought provoking. Faith in the Lord is of utmost importance to the characters in the story, and I believe to the authors as well. Is God the person you look to and allow to carry you through the most difficult times of your life? Do you trust God to bring about what is best for you even when life resembles anything but God’s best coming from you?
My rating is 5+ stars.

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