Body Guard for Christmas


Title:  Body Guard for Christmas

Author:  Carol J. Post

Pages:  224

Year:  December 2018

Publisher:  Love Inspired

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

If you enjoy reading books that have threads of romance, faith and suspense, then here is another author whose many books you will enjoy.  Carol’s latest, Bodyguard for Christmas, was exceptionally entertaining to read!  At one point in the novel, I thought the action was over and wondered what else I was going to read in the pages left.  However, Carol really pulled a fast one and the action climaxed from that point till the end!

In the novel, a young widower knows he has made many enemies during his practice as a prosecutor. What concerns him more is the fact that his little boy hasn’t spoken a word since losing his mother.  Colton isn’t looking for a new relationship, but he does need a bodyguard when an attempt is made to kidnap his son!  Colton’s new neighbor is Jasmine who is refurbishing her home and hopes to move in soon.  But her job calls her back in for an emergency, and yes, it is to guard Colton’s son.  Colton’s twin brother Cade is carefree and at times careless, who deals in antiquities.

There is much I haven’t revealed that brings depth and excitement to the story.  As Carol has done in her other Love Inspired novels, she once again has written a compelling tale for readers to get lost in the pages!  Carol’s other Love Inspired books are Midnight Shadows, Motive for Murder, Out for Justice, Shattered Haven, Hidden Identity, Mistletoe Justice, Buried Memories, Reunited by Danger, Fatal Recall, and Lethal Legacy.  All of them are fantastic and fun to read, so I hope you get some books for gifts and request her books to read.  Then, share your books with others or even talk about them in a book club.

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

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