Thirst of Steel


Title:  Thirst of Steel (The Tox Files #3)

Author:  Ronie Kendig

Pages:  464

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Tox has agreed to one last mission before settling down with Haven.  The Arrow & Flame Order has ramped up their campaign to obtain more power.  This time they are seeking the sword David used to kill Goliath.  It is imbued with some sort of supernatural power that cannot be allowed to see the light of day according to those fighting the AFO.  Tox must keep the leader of the AFO from obtaining the three pieces of the sword covertly while also trying to protect his friend, Tzivia, who is out to find the sword to free her father from being held captive by the AFO.

Meanwhile, Haven is in the United States researching Tox’s family history at the urging of Tzaddik.  The AFO is active on American soil by killing what seem to be random people with their phosphorescent arrows, causing their victims to melt from the inside out.  Haven and Tox have been apart for months and she wonders if she will ever see him again.  He is deep undercover and not allowed to receive any communications.  Tox’s best friend and fellow Wraith team member, Ram, gives her only the barest of details about Tox while he is on his mission.  Haven has something she desperately need to tell Tox, but will she ever have the chance?

Ronie Kendig delivers another suspense-filled, tension-packed story that will keep readers glued to their seats.  There are twists in the plot to keep readers guessing and the ending is a shocking surprise.  I admire the lengths Wraith team will go to in order to protect the U.S., as well as their fellow soldiers.  A shout out of thanks to all those in the military past and present who have served or are currently serving to keep our country safe.  Having read book two so long ago, I had a little trouble keeping all the many characters straight.  I also think the flashbacks to the past disrupted the story taking place in the present day.  I recommend reading the books in order as the story is continuous and readers will not understand what is going on in book three without the backgrounds of the first two books in the series.  This was an exciting ride with Tox and Wraith team!  I can’t wait to see what this author creates next that I’m sure will entertain for hours!