Miss Serena’s Secret (Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope #2)


Title:  Miss Serena’s Secret (Regency Brides:  A Promise of Hope #2)

Author:  Carolyn Miller

Pages:  344

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Kregel Publications

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Serena Winthrop is fresh out of the schoolroom, and at age 18 she is not interested in finding a husband.  She wants only to pursue her love of art.  She is quite a skilled artist for one so young.  Her brother-in-law, with whom she lives, has hired a private art instructor for her to continue her lessons at home now that she has graduated finishing school.  She has a difficult time trusting men because of something that happened in the past.  When she meets her brother-in-law’s best friend, Viscount Henry “Harry” Carmichael, she remains cool and aloof.  She is not swayed by his charm or good looks.  At least that is what she tells herself.

Viscount Carmichael is surprised at Serena’s reaction to him.  Ladies usually fall all over themselves to be in his company.  Granted he has a reputation as a gambler and a charmer, but he has never been rebuffed so completely.  He begins to look at his life thus far and realizes he needs to make some changes.  He returns home to find the estate finances in dire straits of which he had no idea.  His father has been neglecting the tenants and the land of the estate for some time.  Harry has always wanted to reopen the mines on the family land, but his father is adamantly opposed.  His father also seems a bit forgetful at times.  Harry soon learns the management of the estate will fall on his shoulders.  However, he can’t stop thinking about Serena.

I have read all the Regency Brides Series thus far and have not been disappointed in any of the novels.  The author writes with an ability to make this reader feel the emotions of the characters:  their despair, angst, anger, hurt, love and others.  The subtle humor in conversations is one of my favorite aspects of the stories.  The presence of God in the center of characters’ lives, whether at the beginning of the story or the end, is wonderful.  I can’t wait for book three, The Making of Mrs. Hale, in the Promise of Hope Series which will be released in November 2018!