North by Starlight


Title:  North by Starlight

Author:  Diane & David Munson

Pages:  292

Year:  November 2018

Publisher:  Micah House Publishing

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars.

Diane and David Munson’s novels are very exciting and usually very action packed.  Here is a new series that is a different but not less exiting read!  Here is a romantic suspense novel that really had me guessing at the mystery, underlining the plot throughout the book.  One of the main characters is Madison Stone who is a very hard-working and dedicated attorney for any client she represents.  The other character to watch is Jordan Star, who is represented by Madison and who also is supposed to inherit the family ski resort in Vermont.

The will becomes a battle when an “unknown” family member becomes apparent yet locating her is proving to be elusive. I really don’t want to reveal more about the story so as not to ruin it for those who have yet to enjoy the book!  What I can tell you is that while the suspense wasn’t focused as in their other books on historical people, places or events this one is has the suspense following Madison’s attempts to represent Jordan through some much courtroom drama.  But wait!  The drama is also as Madison is pulled from having herself secluded to work but the towns people who want her to understand what the town and the Star family mean to them!

Somewhere along the line a surprise character appears from other novels written by this team.  It was a brilliant revelation indeed!  In fact, the story really begins to take off along with Madison realizing whom she does or doesn’t love.  So, the romantic aspect of Madison’s life reveals the hurt she has experienced and therefore the resistance she puts up when she is pursued by another character in the book.

If you are looking for a great read, here is the book!  I loved curling up and following Madison from beginning to end of the story.  Remember though that this is only the first one in a new series by this dynamic duo!  I am looking forward to what comes next from these team of authors as they have a knack for writing brilliant, exciting, and faith-filled suspense books!