Military K-9 Unit Christmas


Title:  Military K-9 Unit Christmas

Author: Valerie Hanson & Laura Scott

Pages:  224

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars.

Here is the conclusion of the K-9 series that has had some excellent stories written by various authors such as Tracking Danger by Terri Reed, Bound by Duty by Valerie Hanson, Explosive Force by Lynette Eason, and many others.  If your interested in reading the whole series, go to to find the complete series list.

In the final book, there are two stories one written by each author beginning with Christmas Escape by Valerie Hanson, followed by Yuletide Target by Laura ScottThe stories are not tied together, and they are quite enjoyable as well as short and quick reading.  The tension and suspense start right with the first page of each tale and don’t let up until the conclusion!

I love that the military is highlighted as well as the special training and ability of each dog.  I enjoyed the romance part as well as the faith theme that runs throughout the tale.  Each author strove to make their characters lifelike and the thriller palpable.  Each one was done successfully in my opinion!  With the holidays coming up and if you have readers in your family or circle of friends, these books aren’t expensive.  They are fun to give and read!  Enjoy!