Undercover Protector (Wilderness, Inc. #2)


Title:  Undercover Protector (Wilderness, Inc. #2)

Author:  Elizabeth Goddard

Pages:  221

Year:  January 2017

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Gemma Rollins one dream in life is to own and operate a tiger sanctuary.  Her parents owned the original sanctuary but died in a plane crash.  Her uncle took over and then he died in a car accident, leaving Gemma severely injured.  As such, there was no one left to run the tiger sanctuary and it was closed.  Now, Gemma is three weeks from inspection by government authorities, so they can give their stamp of approval on a new sanctuary called Tiger Mountain.  However, there have been numerous acts of vandalism that have begun to escalate, creating danger to her employees, the tigers and herself.  She knows some of the neighbors don’t want the sanctuary here, but would they go so far as to sabotage her vehicle to try to kill her?  Could her new volunteer be behind this?

Grayson Wilde has the task of bringing down an animal trafficking operation.  He is a Special Agent and has received a tip that Tiger Mountain has been supplying tiger body parts to the black market.  He has begun to volunteer at Tiger Mountain in the hopes of getting proof of animal trafficking as well as who oversees the operation.  He doesn’t expect to be attracted to Gemma.  He must stay focused on his mission to bring down this ring of criminals.  However, when Gemma’s life is in danger, he can’t just leave her unprotected.  Is Gemma leading this illegal operation?

Here is another good suspense story from the pen of Elizabeth Goddard.  The ending was predictable, but the journey to get there was well worth reading the story.  I liked that Gemma was such a strong, gritty woman who gave her all to her dream.  After all the loss in her life, she still had a relationship with God.  Grayson is a man of God who relies on Him.  The first book in the series is titled, Targeted for Murder, which is a great story too!