Hidden Among the Stars


Title:  Hidden Among the Stars

Author:  Melanie Dobson

Pages:  416

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Tyndale

My rating:  5+ stars out of 5

A friend is someone who knows you well and loves you still.  The Bible tells us that no greater love is shown than when one lays down his life for a friend.  Though that isn’t a direct quote from Scripture, look up the verse in your Bible and maybe mark and meditate over.  Most Americans are aware of the many brave soldiers, policemen and policewomen and others who are saving lives or fighting evil that exists in many places.  Through our lifetimes, we honor their memory and thank the many who have served, as we should continue to do.

What Melanie Dobson has done is simply amazing and quite heart touching.  Though this is a work of fiction, you can read the author’s note after enjoying the story to see where it all began.  Here is a very special novel.  I couldn’t put it down, though I had to in order to rest.  The next day though I didn’t stop until I turned the last page of the story.  Hidden Among the Stars is one of those books to have in your home library and pass it on to the next generation.  It will touch hearts in many ways, remind us of God and the actions only He can do.  It is a book needed in today’s world to remind us that God uses ordinary people no one notices but through whom God can do extraordinary things.  You won’t find the actions, names or anything about these ordinary people on the news.  You will find them in the mirror if you choose to look.  You will find them in your neighborhood, place of business, restaurants, and many other places.  You see this novel reminded me of why I have hope for each day regardless of what is passed around as news.  I look for people who are doing extraordinary things that are not calling attention to themselves, but glorifying God in many ways.

Just like my friend lent me her book to read and enjoy, unknowingly it had more impact than either of us knew on my heart.  You’ve got to read this fictional work and the author’s note to really appreciate what is captured so well by the author.  Your heart will be touched, and your spirit challenged to be an ordinary person who looks for ways to do extraordinary things for others with only one spotlight on…God’s.  He is watching and we all can glorify Him daily.

Excellent job Melanie! To God be the glory!