Prince Edward’s Warrant (The Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton #11)



Title:  Prince Edward’s Warrant (The Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton #11)

Author:  Mel Starr


Year:  2018

Publisher:  Lion Fiction

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Hugh de Singleton finds himself summoned by Prince Edward, heir to the throne, to arrive at Kennington Palace.  It seems the Prince is suffering from a malady that Hugh treated previously in Limoges with success.  The Prince has lost his patience with his own physician’s attempts at curing the illness.  Hugh has no choice but to go.  While at dinner the first night, a knight keels over at the table dead.  It is discovered he was poisoned.  The Prince remembers Hugh’s solving a prior crime, so he commissions Hugh to find the culprit of this one.

Hugh reluctantly agrees even though he wants to go home to Bampton, his wife and children.  As the investigation drags on, Hugh wonders if he will ever get home.  However, he continues to ask questions hoping that someone will let something slip or remember something they had previously forgotten.  He knows that all it could take to point him in the right direction is one question answered in a different way.  More bodies appear with Hugh no closer to finding the guilty party.  However, he has garnered someone’s attention as his own body has been threatened!

I enjoyed Hugh’s observations of life and religion.  These thoughts he wisely keeps to himself as the vein of his religious ideas could bring him a great deal of trouble.  The setting for this story was Kennington Palace instead of Hugh’s small village of Bampton.  While his “Watson”, Arthur, accompanies him this time, the rest of the locals of Bampton aren’t in the story.  I liked the interplay between Hugh and the Prince’s physician as it made for humorous reading.  The glossary was a big help as well, explaining the various terms for food, clothing, etc.  The plot was not the most interesting, but Hugh makes up for any deficiencies.  Mel’s books are always on my “to be read” list, so I am putting the next adventure for Hugh on my list as book twelve, Without a Trace, will be released next year.