Delayed Justice (Hidden Justice Series #3)


Title:  Delayed Justice (Hidden Justice Series #3)

Author:  Cara Putman

Pages:  368

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson

My rating:  5+ out of 5 stars

The Hidden Justice series begins with Beyond Justice, followed by Imperfect Justice.  Now we get to read more about a unique group of women lawyers who are more than friends.  Each one has a story to tell and a faith to share, or perhaps a seeking of what is really truth when abuse has been doled out by a man on a child.  Where was God then?  A question asked by the main character named Jamie Nichols when her friends share their faith with her.  They don’t know the depth of her story or pain, because she won’t trust them with that as it causes her to have panic attacks and more.  Now what happened when she was eight and unable to voice the pain, she is ready to disclose as she has become a woman not seeking revenge but freedom from the demons that haunt her every step.

Jamie became a lawyer to be a voice for others who have no voice, and when she decides to press charges against her uncle, a Pandora’s box is unleashed.  Then, there is Chandler Bolton who is a veteran helping other veterans try to live beyond their pain and nightmares into a functioning lifestyle that can thrive.  Chandler is still himself learning how to do that, but his faith is what keeps him from allowing the darkness to swallow him.  Chandler’s dog Aslan is also in the book and he’ll steal your heart as he is a therapy dog and helps Chandler and others be able to breathe through some very tough times.

Here is novel that takes us into the inner sanctum of hearts, military, courts and more.  Cara knows all about the hallowed halls of justice, being an attorney herself.  Cara writes books like Delayed Justice that bring to the front that while everyone’s lives aren’t pristine, God can and does heal the broken-hearted if they open their hearts to Him.

I loved how Cara wove this tale together with heart-pounding moments of suspense and quiet moments of friends taking time to enjoy just being together.  I enjoyed how she showed that God can take the pieces of a broken heart and knit them together so that the person can then go and walk with someone else with similar experiences, pointing them to God and His love.  All three books are out and are so worth taking time to read, share and maybe down the road read again!  I will and I hope you will too!

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

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