Targeted for Murder (Wilderness, Inc. #1)



Title:  Targeted for Murder (Wilderness, Inc. #1)

Author:  Elizabeth Goddard

Pages:  224

Year:  October 2016

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Hadley Mason is an artist who is just days away from her opening gallery exhibit that will make her a national name in the art world.  She arrives home to find her father waiting for her.  She begins speaking, but quickly notices something is wrong with her father.  Blood soaks his shirt as he has been shot.  He tells Hadley something she never would have believed, but knows he is making a deathbed confession.  He has brought her some things that will help her get away but doesn’t tell her how to get away.  She is grieving his death but has no time to stay.  She quickly leaves, knowing there is a target on her back now.  Who can she turn to for help?

Cooper Wilde has fled to the wilderness to try and escape his failure and guilt.  He runs his own wilderness survival training company.  He is out with a group and hears a woman scream.  He investigates and discovers someone trying to kill her.  He immediately intercedes and in doing so paints a target on his own back.  Now, he and Hadley are on the run from assassins.  Who is sending them and why?  Every place they try to hide, they are discovered.  Where will they be safe?

What a great story!  I couldn’t put this one down, so my family had to have dinner on their own!  The suspense and action are nonstop, full tilt and take your breath away.  Time and time again Hadley and Cooper faced death, but God had a different plan.  He was always in control.  It just took Cooper and Hadley a while to remember that.  Sometimes it takes me some time to remember too.  After being chased all over the wilderness, I would have collapsed, but Hadley was a strong woman who refused to give up or give in.  She had a strong protector in Cooper, who was battling assassins out to kill Hadley and demons of his own.  Don’t miss this exciting story!  I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series about Cooper’s brother Grayson titled, Undercover Protector.