Amish Christmas Emergency (Love Inspired Suspense)


Title:  Amish Christmas Emergency (Love Inspired Suspense)

Author:  Dana R. Lynn

Pages:  224

Year:  11/2018

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars.

One of the benefits of being a member of Reader Services is that I get books to read before they are released to the general public.  Love Inspired Suspense stories are exciting to receive each month, they are tales filled with action, adventure, romance and faith.  Yet, each book truly is a unique story that captures the heart and imagination of those who read them.  They are quick reads and easy to pack because they are small.  The variety the publisher offers makes it hard at times to choose just which book to read next!

In this story, readers are drawn into the world of a nurse practitioner named Alexa Grant who cares for her Amish patients with all her heart.  Alexa loves her work, her colleagues and the area where she lives.  On a day when the weather begins to turn treacherous with ice, snow and wind, a flu epidemic breaks out in the area.  Alexa is waiting for a patient that is late for his appointment, one who normally is on time.  Alexa begins to worry, but then the door opens.  He is coming in when out of nowhere he is shot!

This is the beginning of an adventure that waits for an audience to enjoy!  Alexa’s character is a brave, caring individual whose faith is at the moment shattered.  Grant works with the local police department. As he begins the investigation, his main priority isn’t what you might think it is, so when the book is on the shelves soon, grab a copy and enjoy!

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