No Place to Hide (Hidden Identity #3)


Title:  No Place to Hide (Hidden Identity #3)

Author:  Lynette Eason

Pages:  332

Year:  2015

Publisher:  Revell

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Jackie Sellars is doubting God and finds herself on the run with Ian Lockwood.  Ian is being hunted.  He is wanted by authorities for his alleged role in a terrorist plot.  Before she knows it, Jackie’s name is being linked with Ian’s as a possible accomplice.  Jackie and Ian are on the run as soon as they run into each other when Jackie breaks into Ian’s home.  Jackie and Ian were best friends years ago, but Jackie left town suddenly when they were teenagers and went to live with her grandfather.  They haven’t seen each other since.  Jackie had a huge crush on Ian back then, but how does she feel about him now that he is wanted by the FBI?  Also, the FBI isn’t the only organization hunting Ian.  Someone else seems to be in the game, but they don’t want to capture Ian; they just want him silenced…permanently.

While they are busy trying to stay alive, Ian continues to voice his innocence.  He claims he is being set up to look like the guilty party.  The Ian whom Jackie knew 15 years ago would never be connected in any fashion with terrorism.  But it has been a long time since they have seen each other, and people can change, right?  Jackie isn’t sure if the current Ian still holds the values of the Ian from her past.  Jackie’s job though is helping at-risk people disappear, but she and Ian want to clear his name.  Can they do so before they are both killed?  As they find what they think are safe places to hide, the enemy tracks them down quickly, causing them to have to run again.  How are they being found?  Can they stay alive long enough to prove Ian’s innocence, capture the criminals and have a chance at the future?

While there is action and tension, the spark between Ian and Jackie just didn’t’ ignite for me.  I would have liked to have seen more spiritual growth from Jackie before Ian proposed.  A prayer in a life-and-death moment doesn’t ensure equal ground spiritually between two soon-to-be spouses.  The plot was engaging and entertaining.  The three books in this series are all worth reading with plenty of action for the audience.  Faith and God is present in all three books, which should be a part of a Christian book.