The Patriot Bride (The Daughters of the Mayflower #4)

Title:  The Patriot Bride (The Daughters of the Mayflower #4)

Author:  Kimberley Woodhouse

Pages:  256

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Barbour Books

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

The Daughters of the Mayflower series starts with The Mayflower Bride, The Pirate Bride and The Captured Bride before the story continues with this book.  While each book could be read as a stand- alone, reading the series makes it more enjoyable to see the various family members adventures in different eras.

Here the Revolutionary War hasn’t started, but the rumors of war are definitely in the wind and people know it!  Kimberley Woodhouse did a wonderful job putting together a very believable and lifelike tale!  When readers start the book, the author has a letter for readers and in Note From the Author, we get to learn about her research.

Faith is the main female character throughout the book and she is full of fight and fire!  Faith suffers through some hard times, but that is what shapes this woman’s heart and patriotism.  There are no lengths Faith won’t go to aid others, and I loved how the women got together to read and memorize the Scriptures prior to war breaking out.

There are real historical characters in the book with a little change here or there in reference to the time, if I remember right.  Reading about our forefathers and how they might have lived or spoke makes them so real to me.  One scene made me giggle, and I can’t wait for you to enjoy picturing it in your head!  It’s great!

The tale is also a sobering reminder of the cost many paid in many ways so that their descendants would have a much better and free life in a new country.  Here is an example of historical fiction at its best, so read one or read them all.  There are two more coming out soon!  Perhaps this would make a great gift for a reader you know be they family, friend or acquaintance!

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

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