Winning Miss Winthrop


Title:  Winning Miss Winthrop

Author:  Carolyn Miller

Pages:  320

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Kregel Publications

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Catherine Winthrop is in for a change of circumstances.  She has lived in the manor house all her life, but with the recent death of her father and no male heir, the manor passes to a cousin.  Catherine and her mother will be moved to the ill-kempt dower house.  With the reading of the will, Catherine discovers how ill-prepared her father left her, her younger sister and their mother.  They are poor.  Her mother refused to ask for anything from the new Lord Winthrop and won’t let Catherine do so either.  The new master of the manor just happens to be the one person Catherine never wants to see again.  The man who broke her heart two years ago.  She had thought he returned her feelings of love and they would marry, but instead she received a note from him ending their relationship.  How could he treat her so cruelly?

Jonathan Carlew, or Lord Winthrop now, had no idea he would inherit his title.  He is a businessman and his profession has most in the aristocracy looking down on him.  With his new title, however, people are treating him somewhat differently.  He thankfully has lots of money as he will need it to pay off the former Lord Winthrop, Catherine’s father’s, gambling debts and many repairs around the estate.  He has no wish to have contact with Catherine, the woman who broke his heart, claiming he was beneath her station per her comments relayed to him by her father.  Two years and he still feels something for her, whether it still be love or some darker emotion he doesn’t care to examine.  He will just avoid her as much as possible while living on the same grounds.  However, they do come across each other’s paths occasionally, sometimes arguing and sometimes longing for each other.  How could she treat him so cruelly?

Carolyn Miller has written another regency romance that readers will enjoy!  I read her first trilogy and loved each book!  I was excited to get started on this second trilogy and I was not disappointed.  The subtle wit and dry sarcasm was done with a deft touch and worked into conversations seamlessly.  Catherine’s reliance on God in difficult situations, especially ones with her overbearing and critical mother, were encouraging to read and a great reminder He never leaves us alone in any circumstance.  Aunt Drusilla was a card!  She wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is and had no qualms about stating her opinion about anything.  Serena’s story is next in the series and she has already set off sparks with her frank comments to Lord Carmichael.  Could a romance between these two be in the works?