A Rumored Fortune


Title:  A Rumored Fortune

Author:  Joanna Davidson Politano

Pages:  416

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Revell

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Lady Jane Disappears is the first book and now we get the sequel titled, A Rumored Fortune.  These are just excellent books!  Plus, there is a teaser for another book I suspect that will come out in 2019!  The novels are a continuing tale focusing on Tressa, who is a daughter caught between her parents’ loveless marriage and fighting.  Tressa is a woman of unique character whose faith is an example of wrestling through tough issues of the heart, and the actions of others.

When Tressa meets the man her father hired to care for the vineyard, she is stunned by his looks, the way he tends the vine and how multi-faceted his character.  When Tressa returns to her home, she notices the various looks of the people in town, the many who show up on her doorstep to demand payment for bills along with others who are coming to her because they believe her father’s fortune is in her possession or still to be found.

Joanna’s writing is special, and this story’s ending was a surprise just as in the first novel, Lady Jane Disappears, turned out to be.  The depth of plot, mystery, many uniquely crafted players that seem almost real kept me turning pages for hours.  Reading her novels is bittersweet because I enjoy them so much and yet when I complete one, I am already salivating for her next work.  Read and enjoy her tales like you would eating your favorite food, slowly so you can enjoy the richness and flavor of the book.

Expect to be touched in the heart, mind and soul when you finish A Rumored Fortune