Secrets of the Secret Service


Title:  Secrets of the Secret Service

Authors:  Gary J. Byrne with Grant M. Schmidt

Pages:  304

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Center Street

Book Rating:  5 out of 5 stars


This book gives insight into the Secret Service that is tasked with protecting the President of the United States; its history, successes and failures, and its uncertain future.  Author Gary Byrne (former member of the USSS) brings to light why the Secret Service is failing as an organization.  He provides a detailed account of incidents of unprofessional conduct such as verbal abuse, threats, sexual misconduct (including extramarital affairs), cover ups and so forth.  He explains why these are causing employees of the Secret Service to quit, leaving the Service understaffed.  Employees are not valued like they should be.  When an employee does wrong, they are not disciplined or even fired, but can keep their jobs and retire with full benefits.  The leadership is proven time and time again to be incompetent and fails to fix the internal problems of the organization.  Congress is failing to demand that the Service’s leadership fixes its problems.  There is a strong level of arrogance and incompetence among the Service’s leaders that if left unattended will place the lives of future presidents and other protectees at risk.  In the final chapter, the author states the internal problems of the Secret Service and provides possible solutions to fix the problems so that the Service can continue its mission.


I would recommend this book to others who want to know about the Secret Service and those who are unaware of the problems that it faces.  I think the problems that the author addresses should be seen by the public and help hold the Secret Service accountable because the Secret Service is tasked with protecting one of the most important leaders on the planet, our president.  If the Secret Service isn’t held accountable and transparent with the public, then it shouldn’t be trusted to continue its mission of protecting the president.  As the author explained it in his book, they would no longer be “worthy of trust and confidence”.  So, I would recommend this book to others who want to see this mission succeed and not fail, because if it does, then we as a nation will suffer.


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