Abraham Lincoln (Civil War Stories) Heartwarming Stories of Our Most Beloved President


Title: Abraham Lincoln (Civil War Stories) Heartwarming Stories of Our Most Beloved President
Author: Joe Wheeler
Pages: 384
Year: 2013
Publisher: Howard
Abraham Lincoln is still one of the most beloved and remembered Presidents in our nation’s short history. Books and movies abound about the man, his Presidency, marriage and children--a list that almost seems endless. Amazingly, one thing our society seems to value, good looks, Abraham Lincoln didn’t possess. What our society hungers for Abraham Lincoln had, a solid character and moral values that weren’t ever placed on the selling block. So, why is it that he is still admired and endears so many followers? What can be said about this President that hasn’t already been said?
I was born in Illinois (the “s” is silent), which I am sure began my infatuation with the Civil War era and the President, but it was just a start. Recently, I reviewed the latest movie “Lincoln”. I also watched the movie “Conspirator” that was released prior to the aforementioned. Each time I see a new movie or read a book about this specific time in our nation’s history, I learn something new. Never can one say that a single book or movie can contain any one person’s life for there is too much happening for that to be accomplished.
Here we have more to consider when we read about Abraham Lincoln in a way that I haven’t seen presented before. First, the book focuses on stories that have been passed down from each preceding generation by “oral transmission” (pg XVIII). The author has spent his life searching and preserving these stories so many more people may read, enjoy and learn from them. In addition, the author shares his wealth of pictures he has unearthed before they too disappear because of the age of the original or for simply the love of widely sharing them. The stories written in this volume are short enough to read to younger people and include the many stories Abraham Lincoln was known to tell, much to the dismay of some of his colleagues!
There are stories, poems and history embedded throughout the pages that cover Abraham Lincoln’s frontier life, Civil War years and why 150 years later he still grabs our hearts. This book will remain on my shelf so that other family members can read it as well as friends. Abraham Lincoln not only stood tall physically, but his heart seems even bigger than I understood from other sources. He made time to talk and be about the community in which he lived. He could sure frustrate those who were assigned to protect him, but his influence, I believe, still goes on decades later. Please grab a copy of this book for your personal library as well as a gift to someone who loves the subject or the man.
My rating is 5+ stars.
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