The Judgment Stone (An Immortals Files Novel)



Title: The Judgment Stone (An Immortals Files Novel)
Author: Robert Liparulo
Pages: 400
Year: 2013
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Have you ever seen a sequel to a movie that was either better or worse than the original? Before you read The Judgment Stone, please read its predecessor The 13th Tribe because the story is more enjoyable if you understand the previous events and more. You could still enjoy this novel as there are intermittent references to the original, but so much will be missed by bypassing The 13th Tribe.
As soon as you open the book, the action takes off as if it never ended; there is another attack at the monastery. However, there is more going on in the spiritual realm that is now being seen by some of the characters. Jagger has built a panic room for Beth and Tyler to run to when there is trouble erupting so that he can focus on combating those who seek to destroy. Spiritual warfare is told about in the Bible and now a recently discovered artifact may help others see the unseen simply by touching it. Jagger is still wrestling with his faith, his immortality and the many questions and doubts he battles.
Now there is a group bent on causing deeper pain than the Tribe, and Owen and Jag are chasing them. Beth and Tyler are at the monastery preparing for a funeral of three monks killed in a previous attack, but they are not alone. On top of that, one group has possession of The Judgment Stone and plans on using it for evil purposes. Jag has a splinter that fell off the pain stone that helps him see into the spiritual realm and there is someone he attempts to speak to as he has questions. On top of that, when touching the stone, blue vertical lights are seen everywhere with some brighter than others. Where do these lights come from? Where do the lights end?
Flying over many continents in hopes of stopping the carnage and the group responsible for it, Own and Jag need help beyond human capability. Beth and Tyler need protection, assurance and hope. Where do they turn to get what each of them needs? There is also the burning bush, Mount Sinai, a tattoo that identifies one of the groups, the spiritual realm being seen with spiritual sight and man seeing beyond just the horizontal realm of the physical world. Add these components together and you’re reading a high-wired suspense-filled thriller!
There is so much in this novel that reminds me of praying, choosing to believe or not, and a love that is sacrificial and lived out daily. I hope the author plans on more books in this series as the action, adventure, archeological sites and biblical references keep the mind of the reader active. However, beware there are mysteries you may not see until the author reveals them, adding more intrigue with heart pumping suspense.
My rating is 5 stars!
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