Til Grits Do Us Part




Title: Til Grits Do Us Part
Author: Jennifer Rogers Spinola
Pages: 320
Year: 2012
Publisher: Barbour
Shiloh Jacobs had never been close to her mother. In fact, for two years Shiloh lived in Japan while working for the Associated Press. When they fired her and her mother passed away, she returns home to take care of matters while working at a local newspaper as a journalist. All Shiloh wants is to get used to living in a quiet atmosphere without much activity until she and Adam are married. Adam has given up quite a bit to help Shiloh out of her financial troubles. Adam works for UPS, trying to save money for the nuptials, honeymoon and dealing with the responsibilities of becoming a husband.
Shiloh is completely uncomfortable in her new atmosphere, and her friend Becky is going to teach her all about cow tipping. In the meantime, she is handed a missing persons case that is from the past that she wants nothing to do with. Then, her life begins to become entangled in this missing person case. On top of that, while at work, she receives a dozen red roses that she first believes come from Adam, her fiancé, for her birthday. When Shiloh and Adam go to The Green Tree for her birthday dinner, there on the table is a single red rose, but it seems no one knows who placed it there. What is the significance of the red roses? Shiloh is not a big fan of them; she prefers food, clothing, and decorations that have a Japanese flair.
While preparing her mother’s house for sale, Shiloh begins to uncover different pieces of saved mementoes that were valuable to her mother. Not the valuable things others would save like little figurines, but one thing she saved was all the letters returned to her that she wrote to Shiloh while she lived in Japan. There are medical records, pictures, and more, making life more disturbing for Shiloh along with a missing woman from many years back, her mother’s sudden death, plus their estrangement. What else is going to be uncovered that obviously someone doesn’t want uncovered?
Like pieces of a puzzle coming together, the author weaves a fantastic story together using two different cultures, customs, characters’ pasts, and more. There are many characters presented that keep the reader interested as well as trying to unravel the multi-layered mystery. Seeing how the different players in the story come to faith, exercise their faith, and learn is very real along with inspiring. I thought the way the author showed a budding romance, enticing along with the truth of saving the best for the wedding day.
Til Grits Do Us Part helps share the truth of dying to self in order to find life and fulfillment. While Shiloh may have missed opportunities to communicate and learn from her mother while she was alive, you will read about an interesting way that God reveals Himself to her. Love, action, mystery, faith, friendship, and more are packed into this work of fiction. Don’t miss this great read by thinking you might not like it because of the title or cover picture. I guarantee it contains more than you know.
My rating is 4 ½ stars.
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