Superheroes Can’t Save You



Title:  Superheroes Can’t Save You

Author:  Todd Miles                                                                                      

Pages:  196              

Year:  2018

Publisher:  B&H Academic

My rating is 4.5.

I like superheroes. Some people ask if I like Marvel or DC heroes, and my response is “Yes.” Some prefer Marvel, others prefer DC, but I like them both and try not to compare them. I look at the different universes and the heroes that inhabit them on their own merits; however, I understand that some people have different opinions, and that is okay. When it comes to comparisons of the heroes of both publishers, one thing that is true of each and every hero is that none of them can really save people, partially because they are fictional characters but also their abilities do not completely meet the qualifications required to bring salvation to the human race. This is the message of Todd Miles’s book.

Mr. Miles takes seven superheroes—three from DC and four from Marvel—to illustrate examples of seven historical heresies that have and continue to plague the Christian Church. In order to simplify and explain these heresies in a way that modern readers and moviegoers, especially those who are younger and/or fans of the superhero genre, can understand views that have threatened sound doctrine from true biblical Christianity for centuries. By showing how the DC and Marvel characters are viewed by writers and fans and relating those views to how people view Jesus, Miles brings a fresh understanding to who the biblical Jesus is in contrast to how he is sometimes viewed by those outside and, sadly, inside the Christian community. One heresy—Liberalism—equates Jesus with Batman. Essentially, like Batman, Jesus is just a man. He is a remarkable human being with wonderful ideas and strong convictions according to Liberal Theology just as Batman is a remarkable human with a strong sense of justice and convictions to be what others cannot or will not in order to save people. This heresy denies the deity of Jesus Christ. But if Jesus was just a man, remarkable as he may be, he could not save anyone from Sin any more than Batman could.

For those who, like me, enjoy the superhero genre of movies and graphic novels, and want to see Jesus not as many heretical teachings from past centuries that are still present in some churches but as who he is, then I recommend Todd Miles’s Superheroes Can’t Save You.

Guest review by Cleve Johnson

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