Gone (Special Crimes Unit)


Title:  Gone (Special Crimes Unit)

Author:  Shirlee McCoy

Pages:  224

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating:  5+ out of 5

Ella awakes tied up and in some container with no windows and not sure what all is happening outside or if someone will come back to take care of her for good.  Sam, who saves Ella, is working for the FBI undercover.  That is, he was, until now.  Together the next days are a mixture of constant threats on their lives, Ella working though her grief of losing her cousin and more people surrounding her to keep her safe.

There are people after both her and Sam.  While Sam is trained to face danger, what he isn’t prepared for is how Ella touches the deepest part of his heart.  Ella is afraid of opening her heart to Sam as a prior abusive relationship has soured her desire for any future romantic relationships.  Ella has been working from home and rarely going out, and now she has no family left.  The one bright spot is she is learning that Sam is someone she may be able to have a future with, but will they live long enough to explore a possible future?

I really was mesmerized by the tale the author slowly unveils in the book.  Plan to spend time reading this book as it was really hard to put down to take care of other things in my life.  Love Inspired Suspense really publishes some of the best stories, and because they are just a little over 200 pages, one can be read in a day if not a couple of days.

Grab a cold drink, the book and plan to get lost in the pages!