How to be a Perfect Christian



Title:  How to be a Perfect Christian

Author:  Adam Ford and Kyle Mann (The Babylon Bee)                       

Pages:  200   Format:  book

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Multnomah

My rating is 5.

Guest review by Cleve Johnson

If you enjoy satire and clean humor, then How to be a Perfect Christian is the book for you. I have seen the humorous articles posted by the Babylon Bee on Facebook, and when I found out that the same brand of satirical writing was available in a book, I had to read it. I loved the wit displayed throughout each chapter as each one focused on different aspects of achieving Christian perfection. Of course, there is a point behind each point covered as the writers poke fun at some of the traditions and activities that Christians participate in as well as how many of us appear to those within and outside the Church. As I read, my mind rushed to memories of my earlier days trying to please God through talking the talk and walking the walk before I discovered the difference between religion and biblical Christianity.

Topics covered in How to be a Perfect Christian include joining the “right” church, worshipping like a pro, serving without lifting a finger, conforming to mainstream beliefs, looking spiritual through online media, and several other “essential” methods of attaining Christian perfection. Also, each chapter starts out with a quote (probably more of a loose—very loose—paraphrase) by famous people such as C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaefer, even the Apostle Paul among others. Just remember that this book is written in jest. It should not be considered a manual for true spiritual living just as Orwell’s 1984 was not meant to be a manual for the government’s policies, but Capitol Hill must not have received the memo.

I highly recommend this book as it made me laugh like I have not laughed in a long time. If you need to find something to take your mind off all the heartache and nastiness that permeates the news and want to take a look at the lighter side of Christianity, this book is for you. If you take life (and yourself) too seriously, you might not enjoy it, but give it a chance. You might just find out that people of faith can have a sense of humor without God striking them down.

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