A Chance at Forever


Title:  A Chance at Forever (Teaville Moral Society #3)

Author:  Melissa Jagears

Pages:  352

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Bethany House

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

George Firebrook has returned to Teaville after leaving about six years ago.  He has returned to make amends for his past behavior to many of the children he bullied as a child himself.  He has a list of those he bullied and has written to some, asking for forgiveness and what he might do as reparation.  He hasn’t gotten very many answers.  Since he plans to stay in Teaville, he needs a job.  He is a math teacher and there is an opening at the local school for such.  He applies for the job and must be interviewed by the school board.  He enters the room only to find himself facing one of the children he taunted most, Mercy McClain.  He knows his chances of getting the job are now over, but he apologizes to Mercy anyway.  He is a changed man and has given his life to the Lord.  Mercy glares at him, promising him he will not get the job.  He knows he deserves her anger, but he longs to make things right.  Since he thinks he won’t be getting the teaching job, he finds a job as a tutor and gardener at the local orphanage only to discover this is also where Mercy works and lives.  He is also tasked with handling a 13-year-old orphan who is as rebellious as they come.  In addition, he plans to adopt one of the younger orphans.  His life is active, but he longs for Mercy’s forgiveness and love.

Mercy McClain can’t believe George Firebrook, who now goes by Aaron Firebrook, has the nerve to return to Teaville.  He apologizes to her for his past behavior several times.  She is concerned about his interaction with the orphan children.  She doesn’t want his bullying ways to rub off on any of the children.  She watches him like a hawk, hoping to catch him up to his old bullying ways.  She is disappointed in that endeavor as Aaron works hard and has a good influence on the children.  Mercy is trying to forgive him, but it is hard to overcome the hurts of the past.  She finds Aaron attractive, but doesn’t want to.  How can she have feelings for someone who treated her so cruelly?  What is wrong with her?  She knows God has a plan for her, but does it include Aaron?

This was a great story of forgiveness, learning you can’t earn forgiveness and love, as well as God’s provision when things look bleak.  The two main characters were written as to be easily identified with by readers, whether the bully or the one being bullied, and the emotions engendered by such experiences.  Most of us have either experienced that or known about it happening.  The completely astounding change in Aaron could only be brought about by God, and it was so neat to read of Aaron’s sincerity and concern for other now.  This is one not to miss!  I thought this was the best book of the series and hope to read more of this author’s works in the future.