No Place to Hide (Love Inspired Suspense)



Title:  No Place to Hide (Love Inspired Suspense)

Author:  Lisa Harris

Pages:  224

Year:  July 2018

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

If your looking for a quick read with action, mystery, intrigue, foreign lands, romance and faith, look no further as this book is for you!  Lisa Harris writes gripping tales of harrowing near misses and antagonists on the tail of those out to bring them to justice.  Here is tale that gripped my heart as a young woman is looking to hide in a foreign land until she can locate evidence to convict those who murdered her father.

It has been months since she has been able to rest or walk down the street without constantly looking over her shoulder to see if danger is lurking in the shadows.  Now, a man from her past has been sent to extract her and bring her to safety.  The problem is she won’t leave until she obtains the proof.  As the story develops, the dangers and intensity mount along with a growing desire to see the person who committed the act behind bars.

What happens in the mean time is trying to escape capture and not allow her heart to fall in love.  I wonder can she really protect her heart from the love of a man who is constantly risking all to save her from the real threats that come out of the woodwork?  To enjoy finding out who these characters are, order your book and await its arrival with expectancy that is sure to be more than satisfied once readers finish the book!