Innocent Lies (Hidden Truth #4)



Title:  Innocent Lies (Hidden Truth #4)

Author:  Robin Patchen

Pages:  346

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Create Space

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

This whole series is so worth reading!  They excel at suspense and grabbing the heart of the reader, pulling them into the plethora of happenings in the book.  The series has a total of four books that can be read as stand-alone stories though I found reading them in order helped enhance my understanding of the plot and characters.

The titles in order are:  Convenient Lies, Twisted Lies followed by Generous Lies, which comes before this final novel I am sharing my thoughts on today.  Robin weaves such a well-crafted plot that brings the reader into the story from the first page, and then keep turning the pages with all the twists and turns in the plot.  I felt like I was right there observing what was happening around me even though I was reading the book.

Time flew by quickly and I was unaware of what was going on around me because I was lost in the pages!  Right there that let me know I had a great tale with such tension that didn’t resolve until the very end of the book!  I have read Robin’s other two novels and found them so amazingly thrilling that I plan to read whatever she pens next.

If you’re like me and love books with tension, suspense, faith, hope and thrills, here is an author who excels at delivering such stories to her audience.  If anyone has a picky reader, these books just might fill the bill for what captures their attention.  Regardless, find yourself a copy of the four books and lose yourself in the heart-gripping as well as heart-warming stories you’ll read again and again!