Who the Bishop Knows (The Amish Bishop Mysteries #3)




Title:  Who the Bishop Knows (The Amish Bishop Mysteries #3)

Author:  Vannetta Chapman

Pages:  352

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Harvest House

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Henry Lapp and Emma Fisher are attending the annual rodeo in their small community of Monte Vista, Colorado.  It is the state’s oldest professional rodeo and a source of entertainment for those from miles around.  The Amish and English both attend and enjoy the event together.  Before the professionals take the stage, it is amateur hour for those who aspire to join the professional circuit.  A young Amish man, who is still enjoying his Rumspringa, has his sight set on this career, but someone has another idea in mind.  As Jeremiah Schwartz leaves the shoot to tackle a steer, he is shot.  Henry hears the shot, but has been waiting in line for hot dogs.  He is unable to use his remarkable gift of drawing an exact recreation of the scene at the time of the shot as he wasn’t watching the rodeo.

The local authorities know about Henry’s ability, but this time they need his help convincing the Amish to help the authorities.  Henry questions and observes various people as he tries to ferret out the killer.  A dark side to young Jeremiah is revealed, but will this lead Henry to the killer?  Is there anyone else in the killer’s sight?  Emma longs to marry Henry and start their married life together.  She wants nothing to do with any more mysteries.  Two have been enough for her, thank you very much!  She wants to help Henry and support him in his role as bishop to their Amish community, so she prays for all involved.

I’m sorry to see this series end as I have enjoyed getting to know Henry and Emma.  The conclusion to this novel is touching and sincere.  I admire Henry and his ability to pray during the most stressful situations with such heart.  Emma is practical and a real “Martha”, but her love for Henry is evident throughout.  The mystery portion of this novel wasn’t as gripping as the first two novels, and the first third to half of the book was slow going, but the second half got much better.  The ability of Henry to gather the community of Amish and work together, as well as work with Englishers to bring a criminal to justice was awesome!  The reminder that God takes care of His own was great to see in the story.  This is a series that will hold readers captive for hours of enjoyment, so get all three books today!