A Loyal Heart


Title:  A Loyal Heart

Author:  Jody Hedlund

Pages:  305

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Northern Lights Press

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

This is another wonderful medieval romance with knights, castles and a damsel in distress.  Okay, so maybe this damsel courts distress as she is adept at wielding a sword and wearing armor and enjoys a good fight.  Lady Olivia is the oldest of three children and her father is an earl.  Her father has always preached that loyalty to family comes first.  As a young child, Olivia held her father’s favor and love in her view.  When her baby brother was born, her father spent less and less time with her.  Olivia felt the loss keenly.  Now, her father is living at another of his homes while Olivia and her younger sister Isabelle live at Ludlow Castle.  With her father away, the castle is vulnerable to attack.  Lord Pitt attacks the castle because her father has not paid a debt Olivia thinks, so she and Isabelle are captured and held for ransom.  Instead of sending a ransom, her father secretly sends her a note to steal a valuable relic in Lord Pitt’s possession.  Olivia knows if she can do this, she will earn his love.  The only problem is the handsome knight who captured her refuses to leave her side for fear she will try to escape.

Aldric of Windsor has captured Lady Olivia and taken possession of her castle’s wealth.  He is plagued with her constant escape attempts on the journey back to Lord Pitt’s land.  She has skill with a sword he learns, but she is also fiercely protective of her younger sister.  When they arrive at Lord Pitt’s, Aldric secretly keeps an eye on Olivia and knows she is searching for something as they await the ransom payment.  Aldric doesn’t know that the ransom payment won’t be arriving.  Lady Olivia is feisty and strong-willed.  She won’t act the docile lady for anyone.  She challenges him at every turn.  He is captured by her beauty and spirit, but he can’t release himself from the guilt of his past to free his heart.  Besides, she would never be interested in him, right?

I have read most of these stories set it the medieval times and thoroughly loved every one of them!  There is a happily ever-after ending to each one, but the journey to get there isn’t easy.  Excitement and tension along with a faith element are involved as well as traits like honesty, honor, respect, determination and much more.  These are quick reads, but packed with great examples of characters to emulate and stories to treasure!