Storm Front (Montana Rescue #5)


Title:  Storm Front (Montana Rescue #5)

Author:  Susan May Warren

Pages:  336

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Revell

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

The astounding thought about this series is that from book one through book five, I have never lost interest.  The author writes exceptionally well as to keep readers like myself wanting more!  Usually, writers keep to stand-alone books or maybe a short series of novels, but here is an author who defies the usual.  Book six will be out later this year to conclude the series.

If you haven’t been aware of the series, here is the order in which they need to be read as it is a continuing story line from book to book.  The titles are Wild Montana Skies, Rescue Me, A Matter of Trust, Troubled Waters, Storm Front and in November 2018 the final installment titled, Wait for Me.

Each novel focuses on a couple of the characters and their unique situations that might conclude in the book or go on to the next one.  In this novel, we see the beginning of the story between Ty and Brette, as well as the unique and climactic conclusion of Ben King and Kacey’s story.  But that isn’t all, each novel has other rescues that are happening by the PEAK team and other people who have been part of the main story since book one.  What really grabbed my attention in the books is how Susan has her various people in the plot that were in the background come to the forefront in a very exciting way!

Each player has unique strengths, weaknesses, struggles with their faith, working well together or leaving the PEAK team, etc.  In one of the books mentioned above, there is still a murderer on the loose.  Now, he has returned to finish what he left undone.  When that moment comes in the story, it will really grab your heart and leave you white-knuckling the book to see how it concludes!

So, if you haven’t read the novels, please start now so you are ready with me for the exciting conclusion to a very enjoyable and hope filled series!