Primary Suspect (LIS)



Title:  Primary Suspect (LIS)

Author:  Laura Scott

Pages:  224

Year:  May 2018

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Laura Scott has written a very captivating tale of a nurse who is suddenly thrust into running for her life when she walked in on an attempt to murder a patient named Mitch Callahan.  When ER nurse Dana Petrie entered the room, it was simply to thank Mitch for attempting to save her husband who was fighting a fire with Mitch three years prior.  What she got was knocked down by an assailant, Mitch helping her up and asking for her assistance in escaping the hospital!  That happens in just the first few pages of the story!

What follows is a pulse-racing tale of attempting to stay under the radar until the assailant can be identified and caught.  However, somehow the person(s) continue to find them no matter what Mitch or Dana do to remain ghosts.  Mitch’s brothers lend help, but somewhere there seems to be someone listening in to confidential conversations or finding them.

During the many days of being on the run, something is beginning to happen to Dana’s heart that she originally shut off from the rest of the world.  On top of that, Mitch is such a man of faith and believing in prayer he too has been keeping his heart from developing any emotional attachment.  Now though they both must decide is this a real budding romance or just happening because of the danger?  Also, they wonder if the price is too high to let go of the past to embrace the future together.

A must read soon to be released!  Don’t miss this upcoming thriller!