Security Detail



Title:  Security Detail

Author:  Lisa Phillips

Pages:  282 (large print)

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Kayla Harris and Connor Thorne have known each other for years.  When they first met, he was a rookie Secret Service Agent assigned to protect the President’s rebellious teenage daughter…Kayla.  She had a crush on him and he liked her as well, but there was no way a Secret Service Agent assigned to guard the President’s daughter was going to be allowed to date her!  So, the romance went unrequited and Kayla went off to college to become a lawyer while her father served a second term in office with Connor remaining with the Secret Service.

Now, Kayla has graduated college and law school and set up practice on her own.  She owns a shelter for battered women and children in her spare time, but has someone else manage it.  Everyone believes Connor has left the Secret Service as a disgraced agent, but he is really still working for them only now he is undercover and has infiltrated a group of criminals.  The head honcho of the bad guys is out for revenge against his wife and daughter who left him.  Not knowing who they were, Kayla helped them escape through her shelter.  Kayla now has a target on her back and Connor overhears an attack being planned on Kayla at her office.  He barely makes it there in time to rescue her, and then the action and suspense really take off!

It was interesting that the one who rebelled as a teen had given her life over to God and was now trying to live the quiet life and help others.  Connor is still in protect mode.  The past feelings they had for one another return to the surface and now that Kayla is a woman, can they have a relationship or will Kayla’s enemy take her down before they even have their first date?