Lady Jayne Disappears


Title:  Lady Jayne Disappears

Author:  Joanna Davidson Politano

Pages:  416

Year:  2017

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Aurelie Harcourt is a young woman on a mission to find her missing mother.  Aurelie has grown up with her father in a debtor’s prison cell.  Her father amassed so many debts and with an inability to pay them was sentenced to debtor’s prison.  Her father has a wonderful gift for telling stories.  Aurelie has learned his skill well and can tell fantastic stories in her own right.  Aurelie has acted as a transcriber for her father, writing down stories under the pen name Nathaniel Droll.  The public has gone wild for these stories as well as trying to discover the real identity of Nathaniel Droll.  Aurelie that must now navigate a world in which she is totally unfamiliar…the aristocracy.  Her father has died, leaving Aurelie homeless.  She has no debts, so can’t stay in debtor’s prison.  Her brother was an aristocrat, but cut off from his family.  His older sister is the only relative Aurelie knows about and hopes she will be taken in or else be left on the streets.

Aurelie returns to her father’s home where his sister and her children and grandchildren live.  She is taken in, but told by her aunt not to disclose her background and only to say she is a distant cousin.  Aurelie is not prepared to play society’s games and longs to return to the honesty of the people she cared for in prison.  Silas Rotherham seems to understand Aurelie’s goodness.  Although most seek her out to tell her stories, the family for the most part doesn’t truly accept her.  Aurelie knows she is in the last place her mother was known to be and determines to discover what happened to her.  No one will tell her, but Aurelie longs to know her mother’s fate.  Silas and Aurelie share a budding romance, but will it come to fruition?  Aurelie hears about a proposal from Silas, but it isn’t offered to her.  Will someone from her past expose her deepest secret or can she avoid disaster?

Aurelie is an amazing young woman with a heart of gold!  She cares for the poor, sick and the weak.  She shows God’s love through her shining example of service.  She puts others before herself and relies on God.  Silas has a warm and compassionate heart as well as being a man of God.  He tries his best to look after Aurelie and spare her hurts from her family.  The vivid descriptions of the characters brought them to life for me.  I was emotionally drawn in to the story and felt the character’ feelings as if they were my own.  The writing I found exceptional in the story and I can’t wait for this author’s second novel!