Troubled Waters (Montana Rescue Series #4)


Title:  Troubled Waters (Montana Rescue Series #4)

Author:  Susan May Warren

Pages:  352

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Revell

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Readers will enjoy meeting several characters in the series and following many threads of the stories in each of the books.  We begin the series with Montana Rescue followed by Rescue Me, and A Matter of Trust.  Coming in May of 2018 is the fifth and perhaps final book, Coming Storm.  Each of the novels concentrates on a couple of the characters we’ve been following.  I never get tired of reading Susan’s books because they are exceptional adventure and faith-filled tales.

In Troubled Waters, the focus is on a couple of the main characters, Ian Shaw and Sierra Rose while occasionally sharing about Jess and Pete’s relationship, if they even have one.  There is danger on the high seas when Ian takes his yacht out with some friends and runs into dangerous waters.  What happens afterwards is adventure and suspense that keeps you turning pages and at times be on the edge of your seat!  What Susan May Warren readers like me never know for sure is where she will take the action or climax in the book next and that is fun!

These unique stories are filled with descriptions of beautiful scenery and some dangerous moments for the rescue team known as PEAK.  I enjoy the steady pace of the plot and the heightened moments of danger where the team is either rescuing others or trying to extract themselves from places where death could be moments away!

I hope you will all get caught up in the series before the fifth novel is released.  These are books you will want to read again and again or share with other members of your family.  Don’t be surprised if your friends want to read them as well!