Fatal Trauma


Title:  Fatal Trauma

Author:  Richard Mabry, M.D.

Pages:  297

Year:  2015

Publisher:  Abingdon Press

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Kelly Atkinson and Mark Baker work in the ER.  Kelly is a nurse and Mark is a doctor.  One night an emergency room visit by two drug cartel members will change the lives of Kelly and Mark.  Now, they have been marked for death by a drug cartel that has infiltrated Texas from Mexico.  The Zetas have vowed vengeance on anyone in the ER when their two members were there.  An anesthesiologist and a surgeon are shot.  Kelly and Mark have attempts made on their lives, but try their best to stick together and protect one another.  In addition, Mark becomes a suspect in a shooting of a female doctor at the hospital whom he is dating.  The hospital administrator wants Mark fired to reduce the bad publicity for the hospital.  As it seems Mark is getting closer and closer to being arrested fired, and the detectives don’t seem to be looking at any other suspects for the shooting, Mark is in despair and turns to a fellow doctor for advice.  Dr. McCray tells Mark that he can only get peace from surrendering control of his life to God.  Mark was raised in a Christian home, but when he began college he pushed God aside.  Mark sees a peace in Kelly as well as she also is a Christian, trusting God with her life.

As Mark and Kelly become honest with their deepening feelings for one another, can they live long enough to discover true love with each other?  Is there something more going on at the hospital as the administrator is so adamantly opposed to Mark?

If you like medical suspense thrillers, then reading this book is a good way to spend your day.  The action isn’t nonstop, but the story is well written.  There is enough tension and suspense to hold the reader’s attention.  One negative to the story for me was that I didn’t like Mark’s waffling between the women in the story.  He took too long to decide which woman he decided to love.  I did like how Mark knew there was something missing in his life and that missing piece was God, and he quickly changed his life to reflect this change in attitude.  Kelly was consistent in her faith throughout, even when facing scary situations.  She was an admirable female lead character.  I like Mr. Mabry’s medical thrillers and have read many in the past.  I look forward to reading his more recent works in the future, and I hope you will get a copy of this thriller to read for yourself!