The Occupied (A Trevor Black Novel)



Title:  The Occupied (A Trevor Black Novel)

Author:  Craig Parshall

Pages:  448

Year:  2016

Publisher: Tyndale

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Before reading the recently released sequel, The Empowered, I needed to reread what occurred to the characters and plot line in book one.  I am really glad that I did because I had forgotten what a well written story this is!  The main character is Trevor Black whose life has been realigned after falling apart as consequences from choices made by himself and other minor characters.

While there are times when Trevor sees demons, and experiences their power or sees how they possess people, that isn’t all there is to the book.  Trevor is a disbarred lawyer who tries to explain to a judge why he can’t represent a client because he sees a demon while visiting the client.  He is on a journey that actually started in his childhood.  I think the author paints a good picture of how what happens when we choose to open ourselves to the spiritual realm when one isn’t careful what one reads, sees or believes. 

As I read the story, I began to understand that Trevor is seeing into the spiritual realm and doesn’t understand how to handle it.  There is a minor character that comes alongside him to aid his understanding.  Trevor is on a spiritual journey where he is going to learn about the power of God that surpasses the power of the prince of the air.

He is also becoming involved in a murder mystery that has stymied law enforcement and stretched from New York to Trevor’s hometown.  The victims range from people he has no personal connection with to those who were childhood friends.  As I read these chapters, it really was emotionally impacting.

The ending is extremely powerful and one I didn’t see coming.  I believe anyone who reads the novel won’t soon forget the powerful impact to their heart and understanding what a brilliantly crafted tale leads to real truth!

I hope readers who want suspense, tension, action, adventure and a powerful spiritually impacted story will read the book and as well as the sequel, The Empowered.