Fatal Cover-up


Title:  Fatal Cover-up

Author:  Lisa Harris

Pages:  224

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating 5 out of 5.

This novel is a rich tale filled with action, adventure and most definitely suspense!  Talia is a woman who moved to Rome to begin her life anew after tragedy stuck.  Three years have passed since the tragic death of her husband who was suspected of being a thief while employed as an officer of the law.  Talia couldn’t mesh the man she knew and loved with the many nefarious acts he was accused of while working in uniform.

Now, she meets Joe Bryant who is an FBI agent that has come to Rome seeking Talia as the gun used to kill her husband has also recently been used three years later to take his brother’s life.  On top of that, he wants to know if the missing small postcard-sized works of art are in her possession.  Digging up memories of the past is one thing Talia doesn’t want to engage in, plus she is now the target of someone who believes she has the very high-priced works of art.  The shadow proves he/she can get to Talia and will if the demands to produce the art are not met.

What I found was an exciting, heart-pumping, romantic mystery filled with twists and turns that kept me reading for hours.  I love and appreciate the wonderful imaginative stories Lisa shares that entertain and keep my heart in a state of hoping the end of the story is what I think it might be.  I cannot wait for you to read one of her early 2017 books, so grab a copy and maybe give a copy to a friend!