A Dangerous Legacy


Title:  A Dangerous Legacy

Author:  Elizabeth Camden

Pages:  339

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Bethany House

My rating is 3 out of 5 stars.

Sir Colin Beckwith has come to the United States from Britain to improve Reuters subscriptions and hopefully marry a rich heiress to infuse his crumbling estates, Whitefriars, with much need cash to make repairs.  He also supports 90 tenant workers on his estate.  He knows he is marrying for money and not for love, but he is determined to carry on the family legacy and lands.  He meets Lucy and soon wants her to be in his life permanently, but she has no money to provide as a dowry so they go their separate ways.  That is until she learns of an assassination plot and reels him into the fray.

Lucy Drake has fought her wealthy relatives all her life.  A 40-year-old lawsuit has cost her just about everything.  She works as a telegrapher for the AP, which is housed in the same building as their competitor, Reuters.  To keep tabs on the case, her brother has installed a wire that allows her to eavesdrop on her relatives’ lawyer.  The lawsuit stems from an invention of a water valve that revolutionizes water delivery.  While eavesdropping she learns of an assassination plot.  She takes her information to the police, but realizes they think she is just a distraught woman and don’t take her seriously.  She tells Colin of her finding and he agrees to help her get definitive proof.

I have read all of Elizabeth Camden’s books and have found her to be a wonderful writer with great historical details and settings for her tales.  This story, however, I just couldn’t get into.  I saw very little mention of God or faith to make this a Christian book.  Lucy and Colin both are tied to their pasts and think that by doing something in the now it will change their futures.  Colin never mentions God, so readers don’t know where he stands as far as his faith, and Lucy only mentions God once or twice.  I kept waiting for more revelation of a spiritual awakening or realization that God is their source of joy, but that never came.  I didn’t really like the relationship between Colin and Lucy.  The ending of the story felt hurried and left me feeling unfulfilled.  I will continue reading this author’s books because her past works have been very good.  Occasionally, a book and a reader just don’t mesh and this was such a book for me.