Giver of Wonders




Title:  Giver of Wonders

Author:  Roseanna M. White

Pages:  321

Year:  2017

Publisher:  WhiteFire

My rating 5+ stars out of 5.

I read the synopsis of the novel when trying to decide which novel to pick up and read after just completing a book.  Before reading Giver of Wonders, I went to the back of the book to read the author’s note, which I like to do to see why the story was written.  With the holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect time for this book to be published and read by many people.  Some are tired of the commercialism of the times, which the author is as well and that propelled her to look for a fresh perspective.  Giver of Wonders is the result of her search, and I thank her for sharing this wonderful and inspiring tale with audiences.

The tale was written to share the truth, set in fiction, of a man known by many as Saint Nickolas or Santa Claus.  Readers are propelled back in time to a faraway place where tension between the Jewish people and Hellenists was real where living as a believer unashamed and vocal could be costly.  This is the story about the Visibullis family with three grown daughters whose father has put forth a façade.  Only the truth is known by his wife for a time.  Dorus was a man who lived well beyond his means.  To have the money for his daughters’ dowries, he sends his wife begging to her father for her inheritance when tragedy strikes.

From that point forward, readers will become more engaged with each page turned to see what will befall the family the townspeople despise.  The only hope for the three daughters is the faith they put in Christ alone and that faith becomes sorely tested.  I loved the book; it really was inspiring and challenging.  The characters’ faith standing or falling, depending on what was happening in the household, or whether each man who agreed to marry each daughter would stay true to his word despite pressure from family or others.

Watching the slowly revealing faith of Nickolas, learning his true calling in life and whether he would trust and obey the Lord above all else.  Here is a book that can be given to readers that will touch hearts, minds and souls with the message of God’s love, His gift of sending Jesus and remaining faithful in the face of intense trials.  For me, the lasting impression was how important it is to share the testimony of our faith with generations that follow us, and tell and retell the true history of people like Nickolas to inspire the next generation to carry that Light forth! 

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. A positive review was not required.