Fraying at the Edge (Summer Grove #2)



Title:  Fraying at the Edge (Summer Grove #2)

Author:  Cindy Woodsmall

Pages:  352

Year:  2016

Publisher:  Waterbrook Press

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

The first novel in the series is titled, Ties that Bind, which introduces us to two families from different worlds, the Amish one and the English one.  Two women brought up in different societies with polar-opposite type parents, expectations, understanding of the world and so much more.  Through each chapter the questions of the soul and heart for Skylar and Ariana get deeper, more complex and without quick resolution.

Skylar is learning not to live dependent on drugs and learning who she is without them as well as who she is on the inside.  What is Skylar made for and what is in her future?  Those seem to be just a couple of the questions Skylar has ruminating within her.  Ariana is glad to see the café booming, but no longer is sure of who she is when she notices herself acting, thinking and talking differently when she returns to Summer Grove.

The author masterfully shows there aren’t so many clear-cut answers as there are questions within the heart of each woman.  Ariana is also questioning what she believes and how that is lived outside the Amish community’s control.  Skylar wants nothing to do with anyone who seems controlling whether God, Isaac or her other dad.

I cannot wait to read the final book to see how this tension is brought to conclusion!  I highly recommend this faith filled series that handles real life issues that affect our heart, mind and soul.