Buried Memories (Cedar Key Series)


Title:  Buried Memories (Cedar Key Series)

Author:  Carol J. Post

Pages:  224

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

What an intense and mind-blowing story!  I have read the prior three novels in the Cedar Key Series: Hidden Identity, Shattered Haven and Mistletoe Justice with each being an exciting tale.  However, the author outdoes herself with this story from the start.  Some of the characters return from the other books and the action takes place mainly in Cedar Key, but what captured my attention was guessing if the main character, Nicki Jackson, really saw her mother murdered or not.

Throughout the book, Nicki is being stalked, threatened, and a victim of vandalization of all she owns because someone thinks she can identify the man who took her mother’s life 20 years ago.  The nightmares return of that night when the Nicki learns the case has been reopened.  Her best friend from her broken childhood is back from serving his country, Tyler Brant, and he wants to keep her safe.  In order to do so though, he must face his past experience and allow God to heal his mind, heart and soul.

The twists and turns in the book kept me guessing as to who was after Nicki, and if it was more than one person.  Plus, the now budding romance between the best friends seemed to be on then off again and I longed to see the two characters with broken pasts, healed and have hope in their future.  Let me just share there are some surprises in the book and the ending was the best, a real “I didn’t see that coming” type of response!

So, enjoy the Cedar Key Series now with this 4th installment!