A Taste of Torah (A Devotional Study Through the Five Books of Moses)



Title:  A Taste of Torah (A Devotional Study Through the Five Books of Moses)

Author:  Keren Hannah Pryor

Pages:  280

Year:  2016

Publisher:  First Fruits of Zion

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Have you ever gotten a thought of going on a journey then proceeded to just go?  Or do you take time to prepare, make reservations, perhaps read books, watch movies about where you plan on going?  Recently, I began to become disenchanted by the devotional offerings that I was coming across.  Many were shallow or written to take less than one minute per day.  My walk with God toward a deeper relationship was certainly not happening.  I wanted to grow.  I didn’t want regurgitated words based on a few or single verses of the Bible.

All of that led me to look for more and by the grace of God and leading of the Holy Spirit I came across the ministry of First Fruits of Zion.  A messianic ministry for both a Jewish and Gentile audience.  Their loving presentation of information drew me to look at what they offered.  Hence, I came across the devotional I am sharing with you today.  Most people avoid the first half of the Bible and read the New Testament, seeing no need or reason to read the first part of God’s Word.  I always saw that as sad because all the Bible God gave; therefore, all of it we must need or God wouldn’t have given it to us.

Here is a devotional that will really, I hope, touch your heart, mind and soul for Him.  This devotional has opened my eyes to see the deeper and impacting truth that isn’t easily seen or known by just reading the five books of Moses.  Even today’s reading for me helped me grasp in a fresh and powerful way the meaning and use of the sacrifices that God set up and how they lay the foundation for all that occurs thereafter in the prophets, writings and New Testament.

Please grab a copy and spend time being renewed, refreshed and taught in a way that perhaps you never have before!