: A Pearl in the Sand


Title:  A Pearl in the Sand

Author:  Tessa Afshar

Pages:  320

Year:  2010

Publisher:  River North (Moody Publishers)

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Rahab is a young girl who at the age of 15 is sold into prostitution to support her family.  This marked her as a prostitute from that moment on.  After that, she chose her clients with care and kept the number as few as possible.  She wanted nothing to do with men, but had to earn a living.  When she sees two foreign men trying to enter her city, Jericho, she immediately intercedes on their behalf.  She has heard rumors of the Hebrews and their God and the battles they have won.  Jericho is next on their hit list and Rahab is confidant their God will give them Jericho.  She hides the two men from searching soldiers and discovers they are indeed Hebrew spies sent to check out Jericho’s fortifications.  In return for saving them, they promise her safety for herself and anyone in her home when they attack.

Salmone oversees a large division of the tribe of Judah.  He is assigned by Joshua of the task of preparing Rahab and her family to enter the Hebrew encampment after the fall of Jericho.  Salmone wants nothing to do with them as he views them as possible spies or traitors perhaps working for Hebrews’ enemies.  However, Rahab’s determination to follow God and her continual demonstrations of her faith in Him win over Salmone’s sister and a few other Hebrews, but many still see her and her family as pagans.  Can Rahab and her family endure in this environment?

While this novel is a fictional tale recounting the story of Rahab, I loved the author’s take on this event.  The willingness and patience Salmone exhibited in pursuing Rahab was remarkable.  Did he have moments of frustration and rudeness to her and others?  You bet he did, but he didn’t give up and he sought the Lord’s guidance.  He wanted what was best for Rahab when every other person in her life had only used her for what they wanted then discarded her.  Rahab learned that she had value to others, but more importantly she had value to God.  Even if everyone else left her, God never would.  Seeing her growth in faith and her worth to God as well as Salmone’s growth in patience and acceptance of those unlike himself was marvelous to read.  I have read all of this author’s fictional offerings and am definitely a fan!  I would highly recommend any of her books as her writing will draw readers into the pages to engage in faith-filled stories based on biblical characters that will entertain for hours!