Murder on the Orient Express (A Hercule Poirot Mystery)



Title:  Murder on the Orient Express (A Hercule Poirot Mystery)

Author:  Agatha Christie

Pages:  288

Year:  2011

Publisher:  William Morrow Paperback

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

I never read the book until I learned that a movie was coming out later this year based on the novel.  There was a movie released with many well-known actors and actresses in 1974.  Since some friends wouldn’t tell me how the movie ended, I decided to read the book then watch the older version of the movie.  I was very glad that the ending was not revealed to me.  Agatha Christie wrote an exceptional tale that has a few red herrings, making the process of figuring out who done the deed challenging!

What an exceptional and talented author she was to write a compelling mystery, yet never revealing too much so that the ending came as a complete surprise!  The only hard part for me in reading the book were the small phrases written in French that I didn’t know, which made it a little harder to figure out what was happening in a of the couple scenes.

All I can encourage readers to do is read the book, enjoy the older version before seeing the new version in theatres later in 2017!  You don’t want to miss one fantastic well-written mystery by an exceptional author!