Window on Mount Zion


Title:  Window on Mount Zion

Author:  Pauline Rose

Pages:  148

Year:  3rd Edition 2016

Publisher:  Vine of David (

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

My interest in reading this book about Pauline Rose was that I was made aware of the history of the 6-Day War in Israel.  God gave Pauline and her husband Albert a desire to return to Israel from London for many reasons.  Before they embarked on their adventure Pauline was given a vision of planting a flourishing garden in the land where it was quite desolate.  While many obstacles came across their path they persevered in prayer and faith, and in God’s time it all came to be a reality.

As I read about this remarkable woman’s heart, faith and work to see a garden planted and flourishing, I was in awe of the One God of Israel.  These two people met many different guests and visitors to their home.  They welcomed, cared for and loved each person whether their beliefs were the same or not.  They lived under constant threat of being killed by a soldier or problems with the bureaucracy at that time regarding staying on Mount Zion.

I really pray and hope you take time to read and allow their testimony to touch your heart and re-ignite the fire for the One True God!