Enemy Action (The Blitz Detective #3)


Title:  Enemy Action (The Blitz Detective #3)

Author:  Mike Hollow

Pages:  318

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Lion Fiction

My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

This is a series that is right up my alley!  It is British, historical (WWII era) and police procedural.  This is one of my favorite genres and I am glad I have found a new author!  This is the third book in the series and while it could be read as a standalone, I would recommend reading the books in order as there are references made in this book to prior events that occurred in the other two books of the series.

The air raid siren announces the need to take shelter.  People head to the concrete bunkers built in the middle of the road that are supposed to be protection from the bombs dropped by the Germans.  Tell that to Jack Ramsey who winds up dead in one and not from a bomb, but from a stab wound.  He is murdered and discovered by a local 13-year-old boy who is out collecting shrapnel to trade.  Not much is known initially about the man, but it is soon discovered that he is a conscientious objector.  Feelings run high against someone labeled a “conchie”, so did someone kill him for his stance against the war?  Inspector Jago and Constable Cradock are on the case.  As they pursue clues, more suspects emerge with hidden ties to one another.  Who took the final step to murder?

I really like the setting of this series.  I have learned about various aspects of WWII that I didn’t know before including about the deplorable conditions of these shelters, how the war effected the educational system in London and how these bombings effected lives.  I think it is an important reminder for this generation about the awful effects of war and what our great-grandparents or grandparents experienced.  The two characters of Inspector Jago and Constable Cradock work well together, with Cradock providing some lightness when needed and Jago reigning the younger man in when needed.  The potential romance of Inspector Jago and an American female journalist an interesting side story.  I look forward to the next mystery Jago and Cradock encounter next!