Justice Buried (Memphis Cold Case Series #2)


Title:  Justice Buried (Memphis Cold Case Series #2)

Author:  Patricia Bradley

Pages:  384

Year:  2017

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

The series begins with the first novel titled, Justice Delayed that was released earlier in 2017.  Now, readers will enjoy book two in the series, Justice Buried that for me was more thrilling than the first novel!  The main female character named Kelsey Allen is a woman who has guarded her heart for years, carried pain from her past and turned into one of the best athletic and daring women in her family.

Kelsey’s father disappeared over 20 years ago and is suspected of robbing the very museum of artifacts he oversaw, but did he?  She is hired to be an undercover curator at the same museum her father once worked at, but only few people know her true identity.  Kelsey was adopted by a man named Sam whom her mother married when Kelsey was very young; therefore, her different last name doesn’t reveal her biological father.

Kelsey loves her sister Sabra and niece Lily who loves to rock climb with her aunt and seems to love danger and adventure as much as Kelsey.  Life becomes a deadly game when someone begins actively going after Kelsey, involving a police detective named Brad Hollister.  Kelsey isn’t too thrilled as they knew each other in high school and it wasn’t a positive or close friendship.

Now her life is in Brad’s hands and Kelsey isn’t just going to sit around and wait for someone to come after her if she has any say in the matter.  What will keep readers turning pages for hours is the danger doggedly on Kelsey’s heels and the many attempts on her life.  The way this tale is written kept me guessing who the responsible party was and how the author was going to write about the blooming relationship between Kelsey and Brad.

Grab a copy and hold on!  It’s a great suspense filled story just waiting for you to enjoy!