A Rebel in My House


Title:  A Rebel in My House

Author:  Sandra Merville Hart

Pages:  250

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Smitten Historical Romance

My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Sandra Merville Hart’s novel is gripping from beginning to end!  The first novel she wrote is titled, A Stranger on My Land, both stories take place in the historical timeframe of the War Between the States.  When I finished reading her first novel, I couldn’t wait until she published another story.  The tales she writes touch the heart and soul of readers in a unique way that defies words.

A Rebel in My House is a novel that brought tears to my eyes and that’s saying something.  The detailed scenes and the characters seemed so alive to me that it was as if I was there witnessing what was occurring at the time.  Sarah Hubbard is a single woman making her living as a dressmaker in Gettysburg when a stranger knocks on her door and requests aid.  As time goes on it seems the danger is increasing near her home from the war so Sarah goes to live with her sister and niece in town.  Yet, Sarah cannot help but think of the stranger who is once again in the thick of battle.

The knock that began the change in Sarah’s life continues to bring more conflict of the heart than anything else.  Of course, Sarah’s conflict with her sister Martha doesn’t help Sarah in any way.  Towards the end of the story is when I was near tears as the author depicts a very touching scene that I can imagine took place many times during the war.  When I read how Sandra prepared to write this story for us to enjoy, I could tell it really touched her heart with the real people behind the fictional ones.

Please read both of her novels and enjoy them.  I sure did and again I cannot wait to see what flows from her pen in the future!