In Our Hands (The Battle for Jerusalem)



Title:  In Our Hands (The Battle for Jerusalem)

Author:  Erin Zimmerman

Year:  2017

Publisher:  CBN


My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Recently, I had been reminded of the Six-Day War in Israel by hearing about the movie, though it didn’t come to a theatre in my area, and through some articles in magazines.  To realize it happened 50 years ago when I was 6 brought me up short as I don’t remember being taught in school about what occurred in another nation.

When my husband and I sat down to watch this docudrama, we were not sure what we would hear or see.  What we did learn was an amazing testimony of how God miraculously brought confusion to the enemy, some of the Jewish people back to Jerusalem and the legacy the soldiers left behind!  The cost in lives was high, but when we listened to the soldiers who fought or their children retelling what they knew, it touched out hearts!

We learned it wasn’t something to just listen to and then go on with life; it really made us aware of God’s presence and power.  I hope many take time to watch the DVD together and then share what touched their heart or what they learned.  Equally amazing was learning what current IDF soldiers do before they start their time in service to their country.  It really touched our hearts and at times we felt like we had a lump in our throats!