Searching for Irene



Title:  Searching for Irene

Author:  Marlene Bateman

Pages:  272

Year:  2017

Publisher:  Covenant Communications

My rating 5 out of 5.

The novel gripped me from the first page all the way till the surprise ending I never saw coming!  I kept turning pages and trying to figure out who was responsible for Irene vanishing.  Ana, being the oldest, comes to take her sister’s place without revealing whether she had or didn’t have a connection to Irene.  The head of the household, Lawrence, needs help getting his paperwork in order to submit taxes and to have a system set up to make it easier for him to keep track of the household’s financial status.

The brothers, Kent and Tyler, have different areas of interests and ideas for making their father’s estate grow.  Ana is well educated and listens to what various household workers share regarding Irene specifically and anyone else in general.  Ana is bearing up under a load of guilt she has placed on her heart that in time readers like myself hope she lets go in order to grasp a brighter future.

The ending was just surprising and astonishing as I never would have picked that character to be the one responsible for what occurred in the mansion along with another character that Ana remembers seeing but couldn’t remember where for most of the story.  The author has listed in the front of her book other novels she has published and I want to read them as well!  I loved the romance, mystery, intrigue and various personalities and quirks of the household members.

Be prepared to sit until you get to the end of the book as it is exceptionally written and engaging!