The Lincoln Myth: A Novel (Cotton Malone #9)


Title:  The Lincoln Myth: A Novel (Cotton Malone #9)

Author: Steve Berry

Pages: 512

Year: 2014

Publisher: Ballantine Books

My rating 4 out of 5 stars.

What an interesting that starts with Lincoln in the White House and the wife of a General under his command who personally delivered a message from her husband.  From there the author builds a complex web of threads built by each character’s action, words and interaction with others.  Sometimes I couldn’t tell if the character was telling the truth or attempting pass on false information without getting caught.

It’s a maze of trying to figure out how the White House, LDS, Cotton Malone, Cassiopeia and more players who are all attempting to get a hold of secret buried for centuries and known by few.  Not only that there is clashing of those seeking what they believe to be gold but their motives are as vast as the ocean.  When I read Steve Berry’s latest novel The Lost Order I enjoyed it immensely and now I am getting to know the regular characters in this series.

The dynamics constantly change, danger is assumed by all and even the leaders of the various government agencies and their agents are in conflict.  Abraham Lincoln is a favorite historical figure to me as I grew up in Illinois.  The research Steve Berry provides at the end of the novel was eye opening as there were facts of Lincoln I never knew.  Each novel tells a unique story as well as contained in the novel.  The characters however make appearances in each novel of the series.

The books in the Cotton Malone series in order are as follows:

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The Lincoln Myth

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The Lost Order